We’re Harper Drake & Lou Scott,
two feisty Northern California bitches ready for adventure.


We like to think of ourselves as the “Good Bitches of the West”, and you’ll see as you follow our adventures that we give “bitches” a good name.

Think back to your carefree youth when you looked forward to weekends with relish and anticipation: two full days of “me time”.  Sleep till noon. Shop till you drop. Take in the latest movie. Go for a joy ride with friends.  But… we grew up and took on a boatload of responsibilities.  Weekends became all about that endless list of things to do.  Except for those rare times when we take a vacation or celebrate a special occasion, weekend fun is a pastime that many of us have let fall by the wayside.


…you’ll see as you follow our adventures,
that we give “bitches” a good name.

So, we got to thinking: what if one or two weekends a month we jump into the car and go somewhere new?  Burst out of our typical weekend routine, explore the world around us, then return back home to our loved ones with smiles on our faces and a few stories to share.   Thus was born BackRoad Bitches!  Our motto is “Share the Road”  and that’s exactly what we do.  Like the adventurous bitches before us — Amelia Earhart who took to the skies, Diana Nyad who took to the ocean, Sally Ride who took to the stratosphere, and Danica Patrick who took to the racetrack — we’re taking to the back roads.  But, our mission is not to make history for womankind.  We’re just a couple of girls who wanna have fun, explore the roads less traveled, and report back to you.  Maybe even inspire you to get out there and do the same!   Harper and Lou — a cyber-version of Lewis and Clark.

First stop: the West Coast.

Next stop: the world!

Share the Road.


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